Trito Diving Center eCommerce Les Borges Blanques Lleida
Trito Diving Center eCommerce Les Borges Blanques Lleida
Trito Diving Center eCommerce Les Borges Blanques Lleida
Trito Diving Center eCommerce Les Borges Blanques Lleida

Time: 10:45 am

Location: Gas Repsol between Arnes and Horta de Sant Joan (1km from Horta de Sant Joan)

Duration of Activity: 5 hours

The price is all inclusive: explanation, equipment and insurance.

Activity in the river Canaletes

Any questions, call the monitor a few days before.

Minimum age: 12 years.


Access: Horta de Sant Joan

Barranco situated in Els Ports de Besseit. Specifically a few kilometers from the town of Horta de Sant Joan.

Located in it, take the T-330 road leading to harness. We will run a couple of kilometers and shortly before arriving at a gas station observe, to our left, a paved and signposted track with an indicator that makes Els Ports.

We enter here and be attentive and shortly after entering turn left and continue along a dirt track .

In a few meters reach a junction of tracks , we will continue straight on the track that has an indicator that informs us that canyoning is regulated.

We continue straight and after a few meters the track will split Y-shaped, continue along the right track, we start down and within minutes we cross the Rio Canaletes.

After crossing the Rio track amount. We continue to advance until another fork where the trail on the left is marked with the same indicator had observed at the entrance and informs us of regulation in the area. On the right track continues another is marked with a flag that says "Els Ventadors". We will have to continue for the latter and go following the signs to Els Ventadors.

We reach a point where the track back down and crosses the Barranco de Cubars. Few meters before reaching observe, to our left, a small esplanade beside a small casita / store, park it here.

Approach: 30 min.

Described in the car park, we continue on foot down the track we were circulating.

Barranco Cubars cross the track and rise timidly until you reach a fork where you will see an indicator prohibiting vehicle access . We turn left and continue along that track.

Without letting her continue to observe a chain that prevents the passage of vehicles. We will spend the chain and continue to advance. In a few minutes we will pass next to a fenced property.

We reach another fork and continue along the track on the left, climb through it and pass a pointer poster .

Continue gained altitude until reaching a sign that informs us that the point where we begin the descent. This poster will we turn right and continue along a path.

We find another sign that make us fall right, and then take us under the Salto dels Ventadors. This is where we start the descent as described abseiling diving is prohibited.

When we move down the runway marked with milestones observe trails. They are small shortcuts that will save us if we use way.

Descent: 1 / 1:30 am.

Nice and easy descent. Suitable even for children as presents no technical difficulty, it has no rappels and siphon is avoidable.

We begin the descent under the Dels Ventadors waterfall. We enter the channel and can perform various jumps from the rocks.

We continue for encañonado not stretch and reach a small highlight. After this we find some blocks in the middle of the channel. The border by the right and enter into a reedy wide aisles.

At the end we will find a highlight, skippable, a couple of meters. We will leave the reception badina to find a crack to the left.

We advance a few meters and arrive at another highlight, skippable as above, and bring us into a dark stretch.

We advance by a hole in the left side and soon reach the exit.

Find a little chaos, we go down a few steps and reach a siphon. If we do this go down the hole that we will be right and if we do we can not avoid the left.

The ravine will open and pass a small stretch full of trees. He quickly again and reach the last sandwiched highlight of the tour, in which we can make a jump or rappel 6 meters high.

We will be in a stretch where encañonado swim a few meters to leave the hall.

When we leave the gorge was completely open and observe a sign informs us that we can not continue on the course and we have to leave here.

Return: 15 min.

Observe the cartel described in the previous section. On the right is a trail, perfectly defined and ascendant, which will make us climb up the track we had used during the approach.
We turn on the left and within minutes get the car.