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Why become an SNSI Instructor ? Here are 10 good reasons.

  1. The best teaching tools available in the market.

The handbook is n SNSI Castilian written in the Latin American market. It is inconceivable that others can continue even today for students to use poorly translated textbooks - for example - of English that contain references to the US market and not ours.
Our training materials are constantly updated with industry regulations and market developments. It is absurd to use guides with errors or that have certain - for example - the tables of the US Navy in disuse for years, the outdated procedures and "old" the speed of ascent.
All instructional videos are in Full HD with proof of the execution of all the exercises of each course. It is anachronistic to make use of low quality images, sometimes taken from old video tapes, which reproduce only a little exercise and some useless theoretical knowledge already learned in the classroom with the instructor.

  1. Educational kits available in traditional and digital formats.

Those who have the pleasure of "studying on paper" can rest assured that they will continue to do so. Those who prefer to use a computer, tablet or smartphone can now do so. The digital kit , In fact, the manual contains the necessary forms and in "pdf" and the video of "mpeg" for viewing and consulting in any medium. Thanks to this possibility you can reduce the time and costs of transport and have all the materials of the course are always in your pocket.

  1. A free platform for online teaching of all courses.

The SNSI WebTeaching platform allows the instructor to personally carry out the theoretical classes to his students from a distance. With the use of a virtual whiteboard, a video conferencing system and with the possibility of playing on the student's computer course slides, you can complete the lessons as if you were in the classroom . A fully interactive instructor / student system demolishes the concept of static e-learning, which consists of a trivial pre-recorded lesson by third parties.

  1. The most complete private area with all the necessary facilities for the instructor.

A reserved area on the site that allows scuba online brevet request , acquisition of any educational changes and - most importantly - the ability to download all the material of all SNSI courses : all manuals, all the videos, all the forms of all the courses. SNSI is the only training organization that offers the free disposal of its instructors of all the didactic materials in digital format.

  1. SNSI REC : the most innovative entertainment system.

With SNSI you will have the opportunity to teach the Open Water Diver course with Nitrox option and the Dry Suit option without additional certification costs . The advanced course is the most complete: seat, navigation, power, night and deep (-39 meters), thus avoiding the unnecessary and expensive specialty after the student. The revolutionary and innovative RecDeco Diver that "customs clearance" the decompression of recreational diving .

  1. SNSI TEK : the cutting-edge technology line.

With only two courses "in the performance" for the integral training of technical diving avoiding unnecessary and wasteful step every 5 meters of depth provided by many other teachings: the Explorer Explorer 1 to -51 meters in the air with deco in EAN50 and oxygen and the Scout course diver 2 up to -72 meters with the use of normoxic Trimix is ​​that hypoxic. Complete technical training of the SCR Diver course for the use of the semi-enclosed rebreather space.

  1. SNSI PRO : the most professional online training.

Once the instructor of the course and passed the evaluation You can teach all levels Air Program: from Open Water to Divemaster including without attending unnecessary and expensive subsequent seminars. The most complete education system available today; everything you need is at your disposal: BLS Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, RecDeco Instructor, Explorer Instructor.

  1. Many free services for Instructors.

Free Affiliation for school, club and Diving Center. Visibility For the Instructor and its structure (Club, School, diving center, etc). on the site Free use of the WebTeaching platform. And much more...

  1. The most certified training agency in the world.

SNSI is a RSTC Europe member. SNSI is certified with ISO and CEN in the field with UNITER . SNSI is a member of IRC Comunità . SNSI The only didactic system Certificato de Calidad ISO 9001: 2008 .

  1. Join the SNSI Family .

the others only count the numbers. for SNSI, your accounts!
Others consider only a number. For SNSI you are part of the family.

What make us different from the others?

Why everyone makes us different!

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